Hi, I'm Tony. 

I play original music that I write along with my talented friends. 

We'd probably fall under the rock umbrella, groove centric with songs to sing along to then get lost in the musicianship. 

Our live shows really demonstrate the power of a live band. My friends Ben Misterka (guitar), Kevin Coleman (drums), and Simon Rochester (keys) are the best band one could ask for. We go by "The Party". 

We also regularly have even more talented friends join us, like Omar Leyva, AJ McKinley, Pamela Parker, Mya Byrne, Ben Andrews, Daria Shani Johnson, Jordan Feinstein, Michael Myers, Chris Hoog, Tom Finch, and I can keep going and going. 

When we all play together, we call ourselves The Band of Theseus. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I have the privilege to be a part of the Bay Area Music Scene, and beyond. I've toured to many parts of the world and have played with incredible people. That's what the music community is about, and that is what me and my friends bring to every performance. 

So yeah, come see us, subscribe to my mailing list or socials, or go watch a music video.  Actually, buy some merch. Yeah, that'd be sweet. 



 The Tony Glaser Band treated us to the kind of performance which reminds you that music is one of the most therapeutic forces on the planet. In addition to being a devastating bassist, one of a kind singer and captivating showman, Tony is a brilliant songwriter. His compositions are richly layered, fluid and lyrically poignant. You wouldn't call this a jamband but they definitely are not afraid to dive into the great unknown. They will leave you wanting more just as last night's show did on the whole.

-Tyler Blue, Crazy Horse Saloon, Nevada City CA


I got to tell you, you sounded great, really great. Different you know, but appealing to I think masses. You don't see guys like you guys around, you know? You got good songs, good melodies, and that's cool.  
Robin Zander - Lead Singer of Cheap Trick, 2016 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

SF Weekly

"There's no denying that Glaser's fat bass grooves and staccato melodies turn frowns upside down and get a body moving. These tunes turn a regular night into a full-on dance party."
Amy Bee - Sacramento's News & Entertainment Weekly

"Tony Glaser's bass is like a portable dance party, whether in a living room or on a stage, he starts to play, you want to dance."  -